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My Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions have proved highly effective for a wide range of clients and their issues, from students (18 and over) to mature adults.

Here is a selection of recent comments about my work:

GP Testimonials

“Elizabeth is a very gifted counsellor.  I know her to be a wise and kind person with a wealth of experience gathered from her own life experiences and from previous careers which, coupled with a rigorous training in CBT, make her a very effective counsellor.  She approaches her work with intelligence, creativity and a gentle humour.  She has guided many of my patients to begin to help themselves to overcome difficulties ranging from depression, anxiety and panic attacks to obsessional-compulsive disorder.  They have always given me positive feedback about her work with them and many have shown visible signs of positive change in their lives.  I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone seeking a trustworthy and effective counsellor.’     (Comment by referring GP 1)

Elizabeth has been a great asset to the team at our surgery.  She has been seeing patients with a variety of mental health problems, some of them very complex.  Elizabeth is a gifted practitioner, able to make a great deal of difference to patients who are often stuck in a loop of dysfunctional thinking and feeling.

I would unreservedly recommend her as a therapist.

(Comment by referring GP 2)

Client Testimonials

'My experience of therapy with Elizabeth has been overwhelmingly positive.'

'Elizabeth is calm and reassuring. I have never once felt judged and looked forward to every session. I have learnt that there is joy to be had, even in the littlest of things. My experience of therapy with Elizabeth has been exceptional and life-changing. I cannot recommend her enough.'

“Enlightening and insightful, very helpful. I am able to view myself in a different, less biased light.”

“..gave me an insight into how I really felt and the causes of such feelings, leading to recognition of these feelings and a greater ability to process them.”

“I could share safely how I felt each week and was helped to build a positive picture of my achievements.  I was given tools to help me believe in myself and my abilities.” 

“A very positive experience. I feel quite different and so much better. Dealing 100% better with self-worth, emotions, stresses, and work.”

“Very positive.  I will take away methods for addressing depression and dealing with my thoughts and feelings.”

“A good experience. I was able to express my feelings and thoughts and not be judged in any way.”

“Very positive. I learned many things, including how to deal with my family, and with panic attacks and anxiety – and to see that I have a life of my own."

“Very helpful. Made me realize my negative thought processes and how to deal with them and improve them.” 

“Very helpful. I was able to solve my problems easily.”

“I have experienced lots of different counselling styles. I think they have all been valuable. However, CBT has had the biggest impact for my future and now. It has given me choices…to choose my thinking.”

“My counsellor has made a real difference to me. I feel I have been given the tools that I will use for the rest of my life. This now feels like it’s been handed back over to me. Thank you.”

“Fine and helpful. I try to value myself more.”

“Counselling has helped me realize that there’s nothing wrong with being in my own company. I have enjoyed the counselling and it has helped me to be able to gather my thoughts without panicking.”

“Really good. Made me think about a lot of things and made me look at things in different ways. I began to feel more positive about things.  It was a big help.”

“Very positive. I was of the impression that life wasn’t worth living and I was able to explore (safely) why I felt this way. I am now able to move forward with a sense of confidence, but most of all I am now mindful of the skills to rebuild myself when I am knocked down.”

“Very positive in developing an outlook to guide me in the immediate and long term future. Also very enjoyable.”

“I have got things off my chest and have been able to bring certain things out into the open. I have learned to be more confident and positive which has allowed me to get out more. I have learned that OCD can be a waste of life.” 

“You are a fantastic counsellor. I have noticed a difference in my way of thinking about things.  Even though they are little changes, these little changes are huge to me. These obsessions connected with my OCD, which I have been suffering with for such a long time, are slowly releasing their tight hold on me. Hopefully I will start to get my life back. I want to say a massive thank you for helping me on my way to the adventure of life.”

Elizabeth has had a successful year here…and this has been evidenced in outcomes, attendance and feedback from her clients. (Comment from the University of the West Of England)

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